What is the optimal 'decision to incision' interval in cesarean section?
, Dan Farine, 285984
Caesarean scar defect (Nich): Corrective methods
, Olivier Donnez, 285983
Why do niches (CS defects) form? Are they a problem?
, Ben Mol, 285982
Assessing the risks for shoulder dystocia
, Ariel Many, 285980
Women with gestational diabetes should be delivered at 38 weeks
, Diogo Ayres-de-Campos, 285979
Controversies in the management of GDM
, Yariv Yogev, 285978
PGD/PGT-A without embryo biopsy, is this the answer?
, Samir Hamamah, 285977
RCT of PGT for aneuploidy by microarray of polar body in advance maternal age. Any advantage? The Esteem Study
, Luca Gianaroli, 285976
PGT-A for advanced maternal age and repeated abortion: Useful or harmful?
, Nathan Treff, 285975
Repeated implantation failure: An iatrogenic phenomenon which leads to many unnecessary activities
, Zion Ben Rafael, 285969
Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer with High Dose Estrogens
, Herjan Coelingh Bennink, 285974
Cannabis in pregnancy
, Michael Dor, 286704
RCTs may not be the answer to all outstanding questions in IVF
, Bart Fauser, 285968
Debate: Does HRT increase the risk of breast cancer? - No
, Mark Brincat, 285973
Debate: Does HRT increase the risk of breast cancer? - Yes
, Rozenberg Serge, 285972
GnRH agonists and IVF: The end ... or not?
, Joelle Belaisch Allart, 285966
What do we know about preventing threatened abortion and recurrent miscarrage?
, Adam Devall, 286702
Prescribing Contraception and HRT in BRCA carriers
, Anne Gompel, 285971
Debate: Ovarian stimulation More or Less? - No! New twists in ovarian stimulation: More is better
, Dominique de Ziegler, 285965
Can HRT be individualized to reduce the incidence of breast cancer?
, Mark Brincat, 285970
Debate: We must screen PCOS cases for the presence of the metabolic syndrome - CON
, Phillippe Bouchard, 285959
Debate: We must screen PCOS cases for the presence of the metabolic syndrome - PRO
, Bart Fauser, 285958
Debate: Androgens are the villain in PCOS - PRO
, Jerome Strauss, 285957
Debate: Androgens are the villain in PCOS - CON
, Joop Laven, 285956
Use of laser in vulvo vaginal pathology
, Santiago Palacios, 285960
Vaginal wall relaxation
, Abdulhassib Raslan, 285961
Cosmetic gynecology vs regenerative gynecology
, Santiago Palacios, 285962
Stress urinary incontinence: Personal research
, Abdulhassib Raslan, 285963
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